Skyfly gave us a great view of the project in the planning stage providing us with 2D orthomosaics which we used to layout the site for access. Throughout the demolition stages, the drone gave us a unique view and progress updates.
B.I.G Demolitions

How can we assist in your project?

Site Planning, Safety and Layout

Use our advance mapping techniques to plan the site layout and organise the project with 2D and 3D deliverables. Our data also gives project managers an eye in the sky to monitor the overall site cleanliness and safety each month. Our clients have seen a significant increase in site cleanliness since the monthly reports have come into place.

Safety Monitoring 

The aerial perspective gives management staff a great opportunity to assess overall health and safety on site. Whether that is picking out individual behaviour on site, assessing the overall ethos to health and safety on site or to monitor any anomalies in good practice with regards to site organisation and safe layout. 

Marketing and Promotional

The videos are multi-purpose as not only can they be used for practical changes in your business, but they also can be used for marketing and promotional material as well as to send to the client as a monthly update. Our super smooth cinematic gimbal systems provide high quality video footage that is TV quality. 

Aerial filming and photography

Capture spectacular results from the air & bring a whole new dimension to your project