We use the team at Skyfly to capture all our verified views images for our projects across the UK. The team are great, quick to get in touch with a provide us with great turnaround times.
Adrian Thompson

Why are drones essential to any filming project?

Fly through

We work with a number of companies that provide their clients with a CGI view of their development using real life drone footage, which we collect. 

Their teams superimpose the buildings into the real environment to give the client a realistic and up to date view of their site in its surroundings. Their skill combined with the cinematic drone footage provides an amazing result. See below and example whereby we collected footage for Polar Media who superimposed the aircraft hanger into the video. The end client was Fluor Construction. 

Verified views

Verified photography requires careful planning and execution. To get the angle required, we complete in depth pre-site surveys and site visits to ensure we get the angle required.

We take high resolution images from each viewpoint and record a set of precise parameters including geographic location, elevation, heading, vertical position, lens focal length and sensor information. This is then passed back to the CGI team who input the building into the environment. This is a much cheaper and time-effective replacement to either helicopters, cherry pickers or crane buckets. 

Drone Verified View