Accurate Thermal Imaging Data for Analysis by Qualified Thermographers

Our lightweight yet powerful thermal imaging camera has a number of applications including inspections of buildings, pipes, factories, industrial equipment, electrical infrastructure, solar panels, wind turbines, agriculture, forestry mapping, mines and quarries.

Also great for educational programmes at Universities. We can analyse thermal data to create in depth reports and recommendations using a qualified Level 2 thermographer. 

Our lightweight system offers a maximum resolution of 640x512 pixels and a temperature sensitivity of 0.05 °C which ranks to the best on the market.


drone thermal camera

What are the uses?

Insulation and Thermal Bridging

When the building or structure is not sufficiently insulated to prevent heat conduction through to the external surface of the structure thermal bridging occurs. This can result in excess consumption of energy to maintain the buildings internal climate, overworking of air conditioning/heating, condensation and damp leading to further structural issues.

Structural Defects 

Over a period of time buildings and structures are subject to movement and degradation of materials. This can result in thermal bridging, air leakage and other more severe faults. Defects can also be caused by water penetration. Damp in building interiors and roofs can cause significant damage to the structure and insulation layers.

Photovoltaic Cells Defects

Solar Panels are manufactured from a series of interconnected photovoltaic cells, these cells can produce signs of patchwork patterns which can be a sign of defective bypass diodes, faulty interconnections which shows inconsistency in the modules and manufacturing defects which can show as a hot/cold spot.

Search & Rescue

Wide variety of firefighting applications. See through smoke to help guide your team and prioritise their fire attack efforts. Find stranded victims faster under the murkiest conditions. Scan for hotspots during overhaul.

Electrical Load Imbalance, Corrosion, Increased Impedance in building structures

As electrical connections become loose, there is a resistance to current that can cause an increase in temperature. This increased temperature can then cause components to fail, potentially resulting in unplanned outages and injuries. In addition, the efficiency of an electrical grid becomes low prior to failure, thus energy is spent generating heat, causing unnecessary losses. If left unchecked, heat can rise to a point where connections melt and break the circuit; as a result, fires may occur. 


We can perform vegetation inspections with NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index). Applied to our software, measuring near infra-red light waves we can assess the amount of chlorophyll content and water damage contained within crops and plantations, providing data displaying damage and disease spread. Within any selected plot of land. 

Aerial thermal imaging

Get the thermal data you need & identify vulnerabilities before they become a problem