As part of our development program, we have teamed up with an experienced team of insurance experts to provide a bespoke service to the insurance industry. 

Using these data capture methods on our UAVs, we will apply these to the insurance sector in order to provide solutions to the following:

  • Risk Assessment

  • Claims Management

  • Risk Monitoring

  • Loss adjustment

Drones are now a common practice across many industries, however the insurance sector has been slow in adopting the concept for general practice.

Today’s insurance sector faces two negative trends: increasing fraud, inaccurate premium calculations and inaccurate claims reporting as a consequence of inadequate information on a claim.

At present, pre and post loss risk surveys lack the extra detail that drones can provide assessing values quickly is more challenging without the use of drones. In addition, there are high costs and high risk involved with many of the conventional methods of claims response and risk surveying.

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