The Three Eras Of Ferrari – Shoot

Aerial Cinematography

We were asked to take care of the Aerial Cinematography for a short documentary ‘The Three Eras of Ferrari’.

Working closely with our Director Charlie Rose, we spent a morning filming several Ferrari’s on a private estate. On arrival after setting up and conducting our site surveys we sat down with the crew to discuss the shots required. Our crew of camera operators, drivers and the pilot discussed how each shot would take place. Each driver was equipped with a radio linked directly to the Director who as able to direct the action.

Our setup is fully equipped with a live video feed that is streamed directly from the drone/UAV. This allows us to see exactly what we are filming at that moment and gives our clients the opportunity to provide direction based on the style and composition of the shots. With this live video feed, we can capture shots with ease and you can be sure we have captured what you want even before we bring the UAV back to land. As the pilot of a drone you have to be fully aware of your surroundings. In this situation we had many crew members on set, some very expensive cars and various others obstacles to negotiate. As an organisation we have been recognised for our safety procedures in our operations manual,fully approved and licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority. In order to conduct aerial work safely the crew, especially the pilot and camera operator must be on the same wave length at all times. This is essential if you want to be able to capture the shots required by our clients.

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