Drones in the Construction Industry

How are drones used in construction projects?  

Over the past 5 years, drones have slowly begun infiltrating a wide range of industry sectors (agriculture, energy, utilities, mining, real estate, news media, film production and more).

The construction industry has been a key example of an industry sector that has openly accepted the latest drone technologies and have begun to take advantage of what the latest drone technology has to offer.

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Our 2016 Update

Latest 4K Capabilities  | Skyfly Academy | Precision Agricultural Management (NDVI)

As a busy summer approaches- we are excited to announce some of the latest developments at Skyfly Video that we have been working on over the past few months. It includes recent hardware investments and new services that we have expanded into. Read more

Why UAV Surveying Is Better Than Ever

UAVs can also be known as drones but this name is more often used in conjunction with military use. A UAV is short for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which, as the name suggests, is an aerial vehicle operated by remote control.

Having a camera operated flying machine may seem futuristic, but UAVs are incredibly useful and very popular with many professions, from TV & Films to building & land surveying. The design will vary but it will normally have a few propellers like a helicopter and a camera that can face downwards or whichever direction you need.

In traditional survey methods you could be looking at a very time consuming process with a maximum of 5-10 hectors per day being covered. If the site conditions aren’t ideal, this can delay and even put a stop to the survey until conditions improve. If some surveys need to be taken place in unsafe locations, extra precautions need to be taken into account such as personal safety of the surveyor and team members. A UAV could cover up to 100 hectors in one day, which is quite a marked difference!

UAVs have been revolutionary for areas such as geology and archaeology. Thousands of potential historic sites have been found over the last few years thanks to the use of UAVs, especially as the UAV can fly closer or further away so every angle can be documented. Very often with archaeological surveys, old, out of date photographs can be used so this can lead to incarcerate results, whereas a UAV has been known to locate many other previously unknown historic places of interest.

Some pre planning is needed before conducting a UAV survey, you may need to take into accounts the following: weather, wind direction, suitable and safe take-off and landing places. When this has all been taken into account the aerial survey can take place. The UAV provides a live feed so you can decide to change direction or focus on a particular spot or angle so you can get the exact footage you need for your survey.

If your property is in need of inspection but you don’t want to waste the time erecting expensive scaffolding, a UAV can give you accurate imagery and videos to show where you might be having problems on your roof. If the roof is fragile condition then a drone survey will be ideal to have a close look without the risk of any roof tile breaking or becoming loose. It doesn’t take much to set up a survey of a building, mostly the land owner’s permission is needed and also to ensure that other airspace users have been notified of the UAV’s location. Other uses for drone surveying are power linen monitoring; this can be a safe way to ensure that no person is within touching distance of the power lines and therefore reduce health hazards.

Spending a fortune on scaffolding and expensive, time consuming survey companies will be a thing of the past with the use of UAVs.

If you’re planning a new project and need a cost effective, safe survey conducting then contact us today.


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