This article outlines the benefits of using drones as a modern alternative to existing methodologies for businesses or individuals involved in the construction industry. UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or Drones are an essential tool for any construction project in todays every changing world.


Benefits of Using Skyfly: 

  • Simplifies the process of data collection and site management

  • Reduces errors and increases productivity in construction projects

  • Provides 4K filming and high resolution photographs

  • Unique Access from above giving Birdseye view

  • Quick and efficient turnaround of services

  • Cost efficient vs human time and cost

  • 2D & 3D Mapping availability





  • Drones can be an extremely useful tool in site progress reporting.

    • Using videos and photos will provide wider coverage of sites

    • Saves money as no need to send out as many inspectors as this gives the company ‘eyes in the sky’

    • Quicker option to provide footage which can be reviewed and analysed back to back and provide a record of site progress.

    • It will also enable a group to come together and discuss a project without having to travel to a site.

    • Images and video create invaluable ability to track the progress across various sites which can be instantly shared across the organisation.


                          Fig.1 Example of a Progress Report in Cambridge



  • The extremely high resolution video/photos gives the opportunity for site managers, general managers, risk managers and executive personnel to monitor adherence to health and safety procedures on site.

  • The drone’s height enables you to capture all operations and procedures that are taking place whilst also being able to fly low and cover a large area very quickly.



  • Our skilled operators can work in confined spaces in order to get footage from every part of a site. Full inside and outside site footage will give an un-obstructed view of the whole site and provide information on the cleanliness and accessibility of the site which helps for risk management and health and safety protections.


                                              Fig.2 Birdseye view – High Resolution  



  • Drones offer a unique view of your business that can be manipulated to provide a high quality and exciting footage that can be used to promote the business & the scale of the operations underway or completed



  • Before the site has even begun, you can use drones to speed up the planning process. Using drones can vastly reduce the time spent collecting accurate data. By acquiring data from the sky in the form of geo-referenced images, you can gather millions of data points in one short flight. This extremely quick form of data collection can save you time and money.


                                 Fig.3 Length Annotations from 2D Map


  • This data to produces accurate 3D models to create break lines, reference points, digital elevation models and contour lines. It also allows you to calculate and analyse volumes and stockpiles.

                                               Fig.4 Digital Elevation Model

                                                    Fig.5 3D Modelling




Pre-site risk assessment and planning:

  • Site Transport entry and exit points

  • Emergency procedures/exit planning

  • Parking areas

  • Site boundaries and Access

  • Existing Structures

Using accurate measurements from our maps, you can plan out a site before you have begun the work. This will cut costs and time in sending out surveyors to each site to assess.



Drones provide a versatile platform for inspections. Using high resolution photography and 4K video, you can use drones to look in detail and inspect areas of a construction project or past construction that may be causing issues. This can save the hassle of installing scaffolding which is time consuming and expensive. We can fly for up to 15 minutes – in which time we can cover a large area.