Get the information you need faster and at a lower cost. 


5 Benefits of using a drone for surveying and inspection:

  • More cost-effective

  • Better quality data with both topographical data and high-resolution aerial imagery

  • Site work completed more quickly

  • Able to access difficult to reach or dangerous locations, reducing exposure to risk for surveyors

  • No longer necessary to have full ground access to the proposed site





What can be done?


Roof Inspections, Building Inspections, Wind Turbine Inspections, Solar Inspections, Asset and Machinery Inspection.

Our high resolution imagery can provide you with a image quality which will enable you to inspect an area with high levels of precision and accuracy. We provide the footage to you in an easy to manage format which is shareable with your colleagues. The turn-around time for a inspection can be same day or next day depending on the urgency providing quality data is a lot faster than traditional inspection methods. 

Construction Services

Marketing and Promotional Footage, Progress reports, Pre-site Planning, Risk Monitoring, Risk Management, Health and Safety management.

We have a wealth of experience in the construction industry with our clients coming back to use our services month after month. We have seen a huge surge in the construction industry facilitated by a widespread acceptance of the technology. View our article on drones in the construction industry for more information on our services in this sector or watch our Construction showreel above. 

Land Surveying 

Land Acquisition, Planning applications, Assess & Document Land Condition.


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Using our high resolution imagery, we can provide a variety of land surveying solutions. We can provide high resolution photos to highlight potential land acquisitions as show above, to view site condition and situation. Also fly-through videos of land and 2D maps and 3D models to provide more interactive land surveying options and measurement tools. 

Aerial construction surveying

An aerial survey can help save valuable time & money on a development project, as well as identify potential problems early