Important data delivered fast and at a cost that makes sense

We provide aerial data collection, advanced processing using our professional software packages to generate flexible, bespoke 2D and 3D deliverables. We are able to integrate aerial mapping data with geographic, geophysical and geotechnical information into a single 3D ground model, providing you with a detailed, complete dataset, that’s more than just a pretty picture.




Fast, accurate 3D mining solutions transferable to existing industry software

  • Volumetric Analysis

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Stockpile Management

  • Machine Inspection

  • Risk Assessments

  • Erosion Monitoring


Promotional Content

3D Models give your project a professional and edge over the competition. Scroll down to view example.

  • Property Fly-Through

  • Interactive 3D Models

  • Interactive 2D Maps 

  • Events 

  • Advertising

  • Embed for Website Content


Site Investigation

Before you consider your site, mapping can provide you with an extremely valuable and accurate tool

  • Progress Monitoring and Site Planning

  • Construction Sites

  • Brownfield Development

  • Infrastructure Routing Assessments

  • Health and Safety Assessment and Management

  • Site Planning 


Data Collection Process

  1. UAV Collects Images in pattern shown in image below

  2. Images are geotagged with co-ordinates 

  3. Images stitched together to create 2D/3D maps and Models

  4. Models uploaded to our portal where the client can view, annotate and comment on the maps

  5. Accuracies down to 20mm

Online Deliverables

From our client portal, you will be given unique login and password where you can view all your data, comment and annotate your files. 

This way everything stays in one location and you can be sure that all employees and work colleagues can view the data we have provided. 

Get in contact to view examples of our portal.


Our drone mapping systems use multi-spectral imaging  combined with existing mapping techniques to provide a unique agricultural management platform which can assist in:

  • Crop Mapping and Management

  • Plant Health Monitoring

  • Orchard Plant Counting

  • Tree Counting

NVDI and 3D mapping

Improve your yield and increase your profits in Agriculture or get Fast, accurate 3D mining solutions. Multiple applications designed around your needs