May 23, 2016 Michael Thompson

Our 2016 Update

Latest 4K Capabilities  | Skyfly Academy | Precision Agricultural Management (NDVI)

As a busy summer approaches- we are excited to announce some of the latest developments at Skyfly Video that we have been working on over the past few months. It includes recent hardware investments and new services that we have expanded into.

4K Cinema Capabilities

Recent investments have taken Skyfly’s quality of aerial imagery to a new level with our investment in our Gremsy H16 universal gimbal. This now allows us to fly camera’s such as the Alexa Mini and Red Epics. This cinematic 4K capability means we are launched into the top percentile of UAV operators in the UK.


Skyfly Academy

After months of work liaising with Euro USC International (the leading NQE UAV licensing organisation in the country) we are pleased to finally announce that Skyfly Video will be becoming a UAV flight school.

In association with Euro USC, Skyfly are now available to offer flight skills training, ground school theory tests, flight skills training and flight skills tests. Our pilots have proven that we can provide a high level of pilot competency and a high level of knowledge in UAV/Drone laws and regulations. academy and euro

NDVI Near Infrared Imagery – Precision Agriculture

We have made an investment into the niche market of precision agriculture using near infrared imagery using NDVI (normalised difference vegetation index). The article below will give you a deeper in-site into what exactly NDVI is and how it works.

Understanding the Normalized Vegetation Index – NDVI

We are able to analyse crop health using near-infrared images to analyse whether an area of crop contains live green vegetation or not. The potential for this technology is very exciting. At the moment we are developing our portfolio and case study work in order to provide evidence that these techniques work and can provide the agricultural industry with reliable and accurate date which will allow them to see how their crop is performing and act on areas which are underperforming.

Thank you for reading with our work and we will now be keeping you updated on our blog monthly so stay posted!

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Michael Thompson – Director of Skyfly Video



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