Aerial Footage of Teston Floods

Why An Aerial View Reveals So Much More

The winter of 2013 will be remembered for the when Britain was underwater. The floods of 2013 brought widespread chaos across the country, halting public transport, destroying small coastal villages and leaving thousands without power of Christmas Day.

Luckily for us in our office our power remained on enabling us to charge our Drone, UAV and take it up to gain a unique perspective of the flooding across Kent. A few weeks before the main floods hit, we took a visit to the River Medway at Teston that sat just outside our office window. For the past year or so the Environmental Agency had been working on a new flood defence to stop the River Medway bursting it’s banks and flooding the local country park.

We were interested to get a unique perspective of this new defence so we flew our UAV over the Teston lock to see how the new development was holding up. On arrival it was clear that while the defence was working, it was struggling. Even from the ground where we began to setup our drone we had water lapping at our hills on the footpath. The water had breached the main sides of the local and began to engulf the footpath. You can see in the below image the railing that shows the edge of the original waterway.

Once airborne we were able to get a real sense of just how hard the new flood defences were working. From an aerial perspective you can see so much more. This for was an area we know very well having worked close by for many years, however from the air we were able to see things we had never seen before. As an aerial filming company we are able to capture places in a complete different light to how you may have seen them before.


This is the brief video we put together showing the floods threatening a few weeks before the Christmas 2013 disaster that hit this area. Shots from the video were used in the BBC 1 Inside Out Show, a special about the area. At the time, little did they know, more severe weather was on it’s way.

Moving forward a few weeks, we are now at Christmas Eve, having seen the water levels begin to rise drastically we decided that we could not afford to miss an importunity to capture this with our drone. In just a matter of hours the river level rose significantly and we couldn’t actually believe what we were seeing. Hovering about 50ft in the air above Teston Bridge, we were able to see just how far the river had bursts it’s banks. Railway lines were flooded, cars were stranded and floating in the water. Large tree branches ripped from their roots being carried down river towards Maidstone.

By using our point of view we have installed on the drone, we were able to hover just a few feet above the waterline, something a traditional helicopter cannot achieve. In addition to this we can also fly up to 400ft giving some real perspective of the surrounding areas. Our aerial photography and aerial surveying service gives our customers a unique way of capturing data, returns far better and accurate results and is more cost effective and causes little to know disruption at all. These aerial views of the flooding received a great response from the local media.

Here is some video we captured on Christmas Day 2013. Onlookers can be seen gathering at the roadside to see just how high the water level had risen over night and if you look closely you can see someone’s misfortune at judging the water level leaving their car stranded and floating in the middle of the bridge.

By using the very latest UAV equipment we are able to capture a unique perspective.

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