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We obtained special flight approval from NATS today to film for a clients upcoming development set in the heart of Westminster, London.Rooftop setup today in Peckham. Flying our DJI Inspire 2 for an inspection and mapping project.Currently working on an amazing project with @comerhomesgroup. We are filming all of their UK based developments - all of which are stunning, historic and unique. Below are a number of our favourites images captured so far 📸Another preview for a second video at Goodwood with @forzahorizon_4. This time @tannerfoust was behind the wheel at an amazing rally course created for the event. Check out @xbox to see the full edit 🔥We are so pleased with how many of our shot’s made it into @kblock43’s new video at Goodwood Estate. Check out the whole video on his channel or online @forzahorizon_4We were working on a crazy project last week for the launch of @forzahorizon_4  Our 4 day shoot entailed racing a Mclaren Senna vs a motorcross team up the Goodwood Hill Climb, a 4 seasons rally course and finally some crazy drift action with @kblock43. Check out his latest video to see our work 🤟

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Throughout October and November 2017, Sky y were contracted to complete 52 roof surveys of Lidl Stores across the South East of the UK. We were given 2 months to complete the sites and we were able to complete the work within 8 days out on the road. We used a 2-man team with 1 pilot and 1 camera operator. The Brief: Assess Overall Roof Condition Assess Gutter Condition: • Missing Leaf Guards • Damage to Gutters • Incorrect Installation • Establish Gutter Types and Dimensions • Establish Parapet Location and Dimensions • Establish Over ow Drain Dimensions Establish Roof Types: • Gabled/Hipped/Mono-pitch etc. Establish Roof Surface

Starting October 2017, we began the first visit of a 24 month progress report package with Multiplex Construction on their Aykon London One site in Vauxhall. Since then, we have also began a longer 42 month period at another Multiplex site also in Vauxhall - One Nine Elms which began in December 2017.