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A photography CGI project for a new development based in Mayfair. 
We had difficulties due to the horrific attack in Westminster which put an exclusion zone in place over central London till 3PM. Fortunately we got clearance and were able to complete the project this afternoon - big thank you to NATS for being so helpful.A 2 drone shoot today. Flying our S900 with the Canon 5DSR  rig and our DJI Inspire 2 for a new development projectFlying the DJI Matrice 200 with the Z30 - 130X zoom camera for an inspection and surveying project yesterday.A great day on site - updating progress reports across 4 developments in London 🏗A stunning panoramic shot of London’s skyline, captured from Hampstead Heath ☀️Flying in Newbury today from the roof of Debenhams! Capturing footage for a recent housing development 🏘

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Throughout October and November 2017, Sky y were contracted to complete 52 roof surveys of Lidl Stores across the South East of the UK. We were given 2 months to complete the sites and we were able to complete the work within 8 days out on the road. We used a 2-man team with 1 pilot and 1 camera operator. The Brief: Assess Overall Roof Condition Assess Gutter Condition: • Missing Leaf Guards • Damage to Gutters • Incorrect Installation • Establish Gutter Types and Dimensions • Establish Parapet Location and Dimensions • Establish Over ow Drain Dimensions Establish Roof Types: • Gabled/Hipped/Mono-pitch etc. Establish Roof Surface

Starting October 2017, we began the first visit of a 24 month progress report package with Multiplex Construction on their Aykon London One site in Vauxhall. Since then, we have also began a longer 42 month period at another Multiplex site also in Vauxhall - One Nine Elms which began in December 2017.