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This building was so fire damaged it was deemed unsafe to enter. We were called in to carry out an aerial photogrammetry survey to asses the extent of damage for insurance and planning purposes.  We also carried out a topographical survey to create a 3D model of the building in order to provide the client and stakeholders with a more stimulating visual representation of the site. Additional outputs included scalable 2D orthomosaics and elevation models. We can get our accuracies down to just 20mm for measurements.Visual inspection inside one of the chimneys at the iconic London landmark, the Battersea Power Station today. Requires high levels of concentration and skill in a very tight operating zone. One of the few drone companies to have permission granted to fly at the power station.Amazing weather conditions today 🌅Flying our DJI Inspire 2 out on site in High Wycombe.We have completed our 3 month project with @comerhomesgroup. Here is a compilation of images displaying just a few of their lovely developments spread across the UK 📸Kicking off our first shoot of the year last week at Ashmole Academy in East Barnet 🏗The last site visit for 2018 in Vauxhall. We look forward to continuing our work with existing and future clients come 2019 🚀

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Throughout October and November 2017, Sky y were contracted to complete 52 roof surveys of Lidl Stores across the South East of the UK. We were given 2 months to complete the sites and we were able to complete the work within 8 days out on the road. We used a 2-man team with 1 pilot and 1 camera operator. The Brief: Assess Overall Roof Condition Assess Gutter Condition: • Missing Leaf Guards • Damage to Gutters • Incorrect Installation • Establish Gutter Types and Dimensions • Establish Parapet Location and Dimensions • Establish Over ow Drain Dimensions Establish Roof Types: • Gabled/Hipped/Mono-pitch etc. Establish Roof Surface

Starting October 2017, we began the first visit of a 24 month progress report package with Multiplex Construction on their Aykon London One site in Vauxhall. Since then, we have also began a longer 42 month period at another Multiplex site also in Vauxhall - One Nine Elms which began in December 2017.